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Flowers and plants add colour and balance but they can also add a lot of work. Get all the benefits and none of the side effects with our range of artificial plants.

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Explore Artificial Plants & Flowers Online in Australia at James Lane

At James Lane, we invite design aficionados and nature enthusiasts on a transcendent journey through a landscape dotted with the finest artificial plants and flowers. Our curated collection bridges the gap between nature's fleeting beauty and the permanence of art, turning spaces into living canvases. Our handpicked selection ranges from intricately designed artificial flowers in vases that mesmerize with their lifelike charm, to hanging artificial plants that evoke the romance of an eternal spring. Some of the varieties include Fiddle Leaf Figs, Olive Trees, Palms, Cactus, Bird of Paradise & Eucalyptus. Dive deep into this designer haven where every piece is a testament to timeless artistry combined with contemporary flair.

What is an Artificial Plant?

In a world that seeks a balance between urban living and nature's touch, artificial plants emerge as the perfect answer. These creations, made with care and precision, mirror the delicate intricacies of real plants. Whether termed as fake, faux, or synthetic, these green marvels encapsulate the spirit of nature in materials ranging from silk to resilient plastics. Beyond their stunning aesthetics, they offer a hassle-free solution for those who crave the verdant beauty of plants without the commitment to continuous care.

What are the different types of Fake Plants & Flowers?

Artificial Greenery

Our collection unveils a spectrum of green choices. Discover grand large artificial plants that dominate spaces with their presence, or the more subtle small fake plants perfect for nuanced additions. Every leaf, every branch, sings a song of nature's bounty, albeit frozen in time.

Artificial Stems

For design enthusiasts who love personalization, our flower and greenery stems are a dream come true. Craft your own bouquets or centerpieces, be it with a full-bodied vase with artificial flowers or a single, powerful statement stem. When accompanied by our array of designer vases, they tell stories of style and panache.

How should I display my fake plants?

With artificial plants, the canvas is vast. They can stand alone as statement pieces or merge seamlessly with existing decor. Consider positioning artificial flowers in vases on window sills, where they catch the transient sunlight, or perhaps on mantlepieces, becoming conversation starters. The beauty of hanging artificial plants lends a dreamy aura to spaces, reminiscent of fairy-tale gardens. Augment their elegance further by nestling them in our artistically crafted pots.

How do I care for my artificial plants and flowers?

While these botanical beauties are undemanding, a little attention goes a long way. Periodic dusting keeps them looking fresh, and the occasional gentle wipe retains their youthful glow. Though crafted for longevity, positioning them away from harsh sunlight ensures their colors remain resplendent.

What do Artificial Plants pair well with?

In the art of interior design, pairing is key. Complement your artificial plants with contemporary wall art that sings in harmony with their colors. Enhance spaces with olfactory delights from our home fragrances. Introduce textures with our range of decor accents, light dynamics with floor lamps, and layers of comfort with our plush cushions. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination, with every element curated to build a space of elegance and style at James Lane.



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