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Make a room feel more chic and elegant with our exciting range of stylish, modern and artisan floor lighting that is perfect for either ambient or task lighting.

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Brighten Up Your Space with Elegant Floor Lamps

Elegant floor lamps from James Lane offer more than illumination; they serve as striking decor pieces. Strategically placed lamps enhance any room's ambiance, whether in a cosy corner or alongside your sofa. Our diverse selection includes options that fit various design preferences, from sleek, modern styles to classic, understated elegance. By incorporating these floor lamps, you effortlessly add a touch of sophistication to your living environment.

How Do I Choose the Right Floor Lamp?

Selecting the perfect floor lamp depends on both the intended use and the existing decor of your space. For reading or task lighting, choose lamps with adjustable features that direct light precisely where you need it. If ambiance is your goal, lamps with dimmer switches allow you to adjust the brightness to suit your mood. Furthermore, consider the scale and colour scheme of the room to ensure the lamp complements your coffee table and other furnishings.


  • Black: Sleek and versatile, ideal for modern and contemporary themes
  • Brass: Adds a warm, vintage touch to any setting
  • White: Brightens spaces with a clean, minimalistic appeal
  • Natural: Offers an organic feel, perfect for rustic or Scandinavian decor


  • Metal: Durable and often modern with a variety of finishes
  • Wooden: Adds a touch of warmth and traditional charm
  • Glass: Enhances spaces with a light, airy, and elegant touch

How Do I Care for My Floor Lamp?

Caring for your floor lamp ensures it continues to function beautifully and safely. Regularly dust the lamp with a soft, dry cloth to keep it clean and shining. For metal and glass parts, occasionally use a suitable cleaner to remove fingerprints and smudges, ensuring the lamp remains spotless. Always check the electrical components—like the cord and plug—for signs of wear, and replace bulbs as needed to keep the lamp performing its best.

Where Should I Place My Floor Lamp?

The placement of a floor lamp can transform the functionality and aesthetic of any room. Near a reading chair or over a sofa, a lamp provides focused or ambient lighting perfect for evening relaxation. In a home office, position the lamp beside or behind the desk to reduce eye strain. Consider the traffic flow of the room to ensure the lamp enhances the space without obstructing movement.

Floor Lamps for Sale at James Lane

Explore our collection of floor lamps to discover the perfect lighting solution for every area of your home. From adjustable designs ideal for reading nooks to ambient lamps that soften a room's feel, our range caters to all tastes and needs. Visit us online to view our modern and elegant selections, ensuring you find a floor lamp that not only illuminates but also elevates your living space.


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