Whether hanging or standing, you're bound to find the perfect mirror with our selection of colours, tones and sizes to complement your colour scheme.

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Discover Wall & Floor Mirrors with James Lane

James Lane embodies a celebration of timeless elegance and alluring designs. When it comes to our curated collection of mirrors for sale, each piece stands testament to exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic vision. Whether you're on the hunt to buy a mirror that serves as a functional art piece or searching for the perfect floor mirror to imbue your space with a tactile visual appeal, our selection ensures you find exactly what you desire.

Our array of mirrors range from the sleek minimalism of the modern wall mirror to the grandeur of a standing mirror. With mirrors crafted in various shapes—be it round, oval, or rectangular, and frames adorned in colors from elegant white to shimmering silver, every choice you make here speaks of style and substance.

Complete Your Space with a Mirror

Mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces; they are transformative elements that can elevate any room's ambiance. Whether it's the living room where a large white mirror can accentuate light and depth, or a bedroom where a standing mirror next to the dressing table becomes a statement of luxury, adding homewares like a mirror to any space does wonders.

Be it a small mirror for your vanity, a decorative mirror with artistic frames for your hallway, or a functional yet stylish mirror for the bathroom, James Lane offers mirrors online that seamlessly blend functionality with high-end design.

Timeless Mirrors for Every Corner of Your Home

From the intricacies of a decorative glass design to the minimalist allure of a large, frameless piece, our mirrors are crafted to suit every taste. Enhance your dining room's aesthetic appeal with a mirror that captures the essence of every gathering or adds a touch of timeless elegance to your makeup routine with a designer mirror for your dressing table.

What types of mirrors does James Lane offer?

James Lane boasts a diverse range of mirrors, from standing mirrors to wall mirrors, and from small vanity pieces to large white mirrors. Whether you are wanting a mirror as a decor piece, or a dresser mirror, our collection captures both function and fashion, ensuring every mirror is a blend of practicality and high-end design.

How can I choose the perfect mirror for my living room?

Consider factors like the room's size, wall color, and lighting. A large wall art or mirror can make a room appear spacious and bright. Explore our mirrors online to find a design that complements your living room's aesthetic.

Do you offer decorative mirrors suitable for bedrooms?

Absolutely! Our curated selection includes mirrors with frames that range from modern designs to timeless elegance. Whether placed near a bedroom's dressing table or used as a standalone art piece, our mirrors enhance any space's ambiance

How do I maintain the shine and clarity of my mirror?

Gentle cleaning with a soft cloth and a mild glass cleaner can help maintain the reflection and aesthetic appeal of your mirror. It's crucial to avoid abrasive materials to prevent scratching the glass.



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