Round Coffee Tables

Add a touch of elegance and versatility to your living space with our stunning round coffee tables, available in a variety of styles and materials to suit any taste and decor.

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Discover Round Coffee Tables at James Lane

Delve into the world of designer aesthetics and high-end craftsmanship with James Lane's curated collection of round coffee tables. Our selection is a culmination of timeless elegance and stylish functionality. Whether you're seeking the understated charm of a black round coffee table or the radiant allure of a white round coffee table, each piece is crafted to imbue your living space with a tactile visual appeal that resonates with modern Australian homes.

Our array caters to diverse preferences: from the rich textures of a round wood coffee table to the opulence of marble coffee tables, we ensure your choice aligns with your unique style.

Elevate Your Living Room with a Round Coffee Table

A coffee table is more than a functional piece; it's the heart of your living room. Anchoring conversations, holding decorative art pieces from our homewares collection, or simply standing as a testament to your aesthetic prowess, our round coffee tables are designed to cater to all these purposes and more. Whether your space celebrates the vastness with a large round coffee table or cherishes intimacy with a small round variant, our tables complement every ambiance, making it more liveable and alluring.

Concrete & Marble Coffee Tables to add sophistication to your home

Explore the contemporary sophistication of concrete coffee tables, or let your space glow with the reflective beauty of marble atop our round tables. With a keen eye for design, our collection ensures that each table, be it placed against the soft textures of our rugs or beside the elegance of our sofas, becomes an artistic statement

Why choose a round coffee table from James Lane?

James Lane offers a harmonious blend of exquisite craftsmanship and designer aesthetics. Our round coffee tables are not just functional pieces but timeless art forms that elevate the ambiance of any living space.

How do I select the perfect size for my room?

Your choice of coffee table depends on the size and layout of your living room. While a large round coffee table can be a striking centerpiece in spacious rooms, a small round coffee table is ideal for more intimate settings. Always ensure there's enough room for movement around the table. Consider exploring our other coffee table styles such as our rectangle coffee tables, to ensure you find the best table for your space.

How can I style my round coffee table?

Styling is all about personal touch. Adorn your round coffee table with decorative pieces from our homewares range, or let nature in with artificial flowers and greenery stems. Trays and bowls can also add layers of elegance and functionality.

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